Royal Government of Bhutan

Corporate Regulatory Authority of Bhutan

Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment

The Corporate Regulatory Authority, MoICE notifies all registered companies regarding the upcoming deadlines for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the submission of annual returns as per the provisions outlined in the Companies Act, 2016.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Deadline: All companies registered under Companies Act of Bhutan 2016, are hereby reminded that the deadline for conducting the Annual General Meeting for the listed companies is on or before 30/04/2024 and for other companies it is on or before 30/06/2024, for the financial year ending 31/12/2023.

Submission of Annual Returns: Following the AGM, companies are required to submit their annual returns to the Corporate Regulatory Authority, MoICE. These returns should include prescribed forms of Annual Return, Directors report and Audited Affairs. The deadline for the submission of annual returns for the listed companies is on or before 31/05/2024 and for the other companies it is on or before 31/07/2024.

Consequences of Non-Compliance: Failure to conduct the AGM and submit annual returns within the stipulated deadlines, may result in penalties, fines, or other regulatory actions as prescribed under the Companies Act of Bhutan, 2016.

The Corporate Regulatory Authority is committed to supporting companies in meeting their regulatory obligations. Should you require any clarification, guidance, or assistance regarding AGM procedures, filing requirements, or any other related matters, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office by emailing us at / / or contact us at (975)-2-325637, 325062,338250 

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